Horton Grange is a beautiful, elegant country house based in Northumberland. CARRO Studio enjoys capturing wedding photography and drone at this venue. This is because Horton Grange has numerous areas to capture beautiful photography. Drone footage from this venue looks incredible, as Horton Grange is sat amongst 4-acres of beautiful grounds. Horton Grange is a charming venue, with a elegant and romantic feel.

Firstly, this venue is exclusive and intimate, with space for around 60 evening guests. On your perfect day, it’s just you and your loved ones—no outsiders, no golfers, no intruders.

Secondly, being a specialised wedding venue, Horton Grange’s food, service, and organising on the day all demonstrate the extensive experience of our Wedding Team in ensuring a flawless event. You will feel like the most important person in the world on your wedding day, as the staff from Horton Grange are ready to make sure you have the most perfect day!

At last, Horton Grange has numerous bedrooms, which are all beautifully and sumptuously furnished. So, fear not, guests can stay at the venue without worrying about travel arrangements!

Additionally, Horton Grange is local to Bamburgh Castle, Northumberlandia and Blagdon Cheese Farm. So why not turn your wedding day into an event, and plan your journey an exciting to Northumberland.

Horton Grange also offers one-on-one, private walk-around with a member of the team. Or, you can visit the venue on one of their many open evenings throughout the year.

CARRO Studio specialises in wedding photography, videography and drone. We have captured many wedding events at Horton Grange, and each wedding has had its own style and unique catalog of images. This venue is perfect for wedding photography, videography and drone as it has so many areas for inspiration.

More on this venue:

Website – www.hortongrange.co.uk/

Contact – 01661 860686 

Email – gm@hortongrange.co.uk