Now I do love a good theme. A theme is a must for all wedding ideas! I’m taking a deep breath now. Here goes… Lego, Rustic, Game of Thrones, literary Icons, Disney, Circus, Alice in Wonderland, Movies, Hollywood, The Oscars Travel, Life Events, Autumn, Easter, Superheroes, Christmas, Harry Potter, The Greatest Showman, Marvels, Food, Photography, Music… phew! That list is certainly not comprehensive of all of the incredible ideas we have seen.

You can incorporate your theme into your invitations, centrepieces, cake, décor, styling, entertainment, music, favours and speeches. One of the most memorable was Star Wars. Think of a dancing stormtrooper, lightsaber battles and Darth Vader attempting to choke his victims with the force. Wish you had a Jedi of your own? Take it one step further with Leia inspired hair styling for bridesmaids. We are your Yoda. We will pass on what we have learned.Stars wars

2. With this ring I thee wed…

Ring Bearer

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your most trusted best man (or woman) to be responsible for such a crucial element of the ceremony. Some guests think outside the box. Think animals. For unusual wedding ideas, we have seen owls swoop down the aisle, majestically carrying the rings like a scene from Harry Potter. Furry dog babies often play the vital role with the ring pillow on their back. Now everyone has heard the phrase ‘don’t work with animals and children’ but you guessed it…. tiny flower girls and page boys. Small children are sure to get the wow factor but be sure to tie the rings on! We are sure this could progress in no time to robots, drones, remote controlled cars or even rabbits. Think outside the box.


Stomach! Okay, it is usually a man but we’re rather hot on gender equality! We have seen so many unusual catering opportunities from street food vans (think fish and chips, stone baked pizzas, hog roast and burgers) to burritos, nachos and hot dogs… yes, we’re drooling too! It isn’t just savoury treats, there are options from chocolate fountains, ice cream vans (bicycles and DIY bars), popcorn, candy floss, bubble waffles, crepes, hot chocolate bars and fruit sculptures. The world is your oyster (or doughnut)!

Ice cream

4. Cheers!

Groom toast

As soon as drinks are mentioned, the instant thought is alcohol. Now there are various ways to incorporate some alcoholic delights from champagne fountains to bespoke wedding day cocktails that you have created. But that is not the end of the story. Slush puppies are a great summer cooler for your adult guests to connect with their inner child. Be prepared for some blue tongue photographs though!

Think how you serve your drinks. You can tie in your beverage containers with your theme from Alice in Wonderland ‘drink me’ bottles to tea pots, garden watering cans and plant pots. If you do decide to create your own unique cocktails and mocktails, be creative with how you name them. This can be a great talking point for guests. What does ‘The Nosedive’ mean to the couple…? We will let you figure that one out!Groomsmen toasting

5. And now I will pass the microphone to my…

Daughter? Son? Bridesmaid? There is no rule book to your wedding day. Imagine what could come out of the mouth of your 5-year-old daughter? We have laughed hysterically at pre-recorded comedy sketches shown on projector screen worthy of a leading roles alongside Melissa McCarthy or Jack Black. We’ve also teared up to a young solo rendition of Disney’s ‘Upon a Dream’.

Photographers often reassure a father of the bride who is so uncomfortable and nervous that the entire day is spent building up to a speech he is dreading. Let your loved ones enjoy the wedding day if public speaking is not their forte and pass the microphone to someone who adores the spotlight. You don’t have to miss out on those sentimental moments, speeches can be pre-recorded on video or letters written. Your big day is to be enjoyed… think it over!


Krispy Kreme Cake

Eating it is the key part! Make your cake part of the dessert or a feature of the day. One of the best responses we have seen was to a cake made purely of stacked Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Other cake ideas have included pancakes, cupcakes, cheese (not cheese cake, a cake made of cheese wheels), meringues, profiteroles and Maltesers. We were glad we photographed it before any guests were let loose because it was eaten rather quickly! Dessert tables are on the rise and even the wedding edition of the Great British Bake Off. Why not challenge your guests as one couple did to bake an edible creation to be judged by you the wedding couple at the reception? It is a great way to get guests involved and excited by your impending nuptials.


Magician card trick

Gone are the days of a simple music playlist or DJ. Did you know you can hire an aerial performer for your wedding? We didn’t either until we saw the act unfold before our very eyes! Entertain your guests with magicians, hypnotists, caricature artists, choir, string quartet, digital games, bubble artist, escapologist, contortionist, photo booths, dance troupes, comedian or even a dance lesson.

You can build in an activity to keep up the spirit of your guests during the lull between the wedding breakfast and evening reception. The evening reception itself can be a taught barn dance, line dance or ceilidh. You know your friends and family best. What would they enjoy? Most importantly what do YOU enjoy? Be sure to consider that you may have tiny humans (children) who want to boogie too and also elderly relatives who also want to enjoy the fun.


wedding roulette wheel

No, I am not talking about entertaining your guests with a family hoo haa or fisticuffs. Play Games! A very low key and relaxed wedding played bridal versions of traditional party games such as pass the parcel and musical chairs. Garden games such as croquet, hoop la and giant Jenga are always a hit during the summer months in the gardens of your venue. Fancy a flutter? Roulette, black jack and other casino tables are available for hire complete with wedding fun money.

Creating a personalised table quiz is always a hit during the wedding breakfast. If you are more digitally minded, you can hire arcade games, racing cars and even electronic target walls. Fancy something a bit more extreme? Yes… you can hire inflatable ‘Total Wipeout’ vs ‘It’s a Knockout’ style games that are sure to bring laughter. Ready, steady, go! We promise our cameras will be ready!


Wedding First Dance

5, 6, 7, 8! Have you got all of the moves to put Anton Du Beke or Diversity? Choreograph your first dance and make it a moment to remember. You may even go viral on social media. Would you rather see your bridal party doing the conga? Get some trophies engraved with your wedding details and bestow them upon the guests who are throwing the best shapes on the dancefloor.

We are certain your dancefloor will be bursting at the seams. Another fantastic way to add drama to your dancing is by releasing a confetti canon to be released during the key moment of your dance. Your smallest guests will have oodles of fun throwing it in the air afterwards.  Bubble and snow machines are great possibilities too but remember to check with your venue first!


Wedding Fireworks

Close your incredible day of celebrations with a spectacular firework display. If this is a little beyond your reach, sparklers are a fantastic way to get your guests involved and create a memorable picture. Spell your name, ‘love’ or your wedding date using the sparkler light for a stunning image. Some venues have fire pits. Who fancies some gooey s’mores? Toasting marshmallows on the open fire is not only tasty but fun. Provide guests with some blankets or wraps and watch them have fun all night long.

Fireworks on seafront

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