Ellingham Hall is a fantastic and stunning wedding venue in Northumberland. Our team at CARRO Studio is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality wedding photography and drone footage. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We are committed to capturing every moment, every emotion, and every detail with the utmost care and precision.

Firstly, this venue can accommodate for all your guests. With plenty of space for guests to stay over, you can turn your wedding day into an event. Also, there is enough space for the happy couple to stay the night prior to the wedding. Start your wedding day right and enjoy a restful sleep. And, wake up to a tasty breakfast in prep for your wonderful day. With rooms either end of Ellingham Hall, you can both stay without worrying about seeing each other (that unlucky superstition most aim to avoid!). There is plenty of space in Ellingham Hall’s roomy suites to get ready for the wedding. Get ready with your maids in the lavish dressing room in Lady B’s Wedding Suite. Alternatively, toast with your wedding party while lounging in the Ellingham Suite.

Also, Ellingham Hall is perfect for all ages and generations. The rustic treehouses will provide hours of entertainment for younger wedding guests. Then, the boutique bedrooms are the ideal place for older guests to unwind. Guests can have a game of table football or pool in the venues underground entertainment den. Which also has a built-in music system.

Most importantly, the grounds of Ellingham Hall are absolutely breathtaking, with picturesque landscapes and beautiful gardens that provide endless opportunities for creating truly memorable images. From the elegant courtyard to the enchanting woodland, there are so many stunning locations to explore and capture the essence of your special day. But what truly sets us apart is our ability to offer drone footage as an extra to your wedding catalogue. With our brilliant drone technology, we can capture aerial shots that showcase the grandeur of Ellingham Hall and its surrounding areas.

At CARRO Studio, we understand the importance of capturing the uniqueness and beauty of each wedding we photograph. That’s why we love working at Ellingham Hall in Northumberland, as it offers the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photography, videography and drone.

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