If you’re just starting to search for your wedding photographer, we’re really happy that you found this post! Why? Well, you can’t hire just anyone to photograph your wedding, you need to find a Photographer who is perfectly suited to your style and needs. Have you ever noticed that you like a certain style of photos more than others for some reason? Every Photographer’s style is different, so you’ll need to find out which photography style is the perfect fit for you and your wedding day, and we’re certain there’s a reason you landed on this page!

For example, a traditional photographer appreciates the staples of a wedding and will most definitely capture them for you with art and grace and traditionally focus on capturing the details that are important to you including family photos, décor and other images that you might want however if you love the look of photography in magazines like Vogue, GQ and Harpers Bazar, then you might like your wedding to be captured in a similar way. Editorial is another style of photography that Photographers identify with because it’s an art form in itself, allowing photographers to shoot creatively. While you won’t get many candid shots with this style, everything about the editorial look is dramatic and edgy.

Perhaps you and your partner like to live on the adventurous side of life and want that reflecting in your photos? Think of this style as more of a personality trait rather than a look. If you and your soon to be love to travel and explore, this is the perfect style of photography for you.

So here’s where we really blow your mind. Most photographers don’t just shoot in one style, in fact, we actually incorporate many different styles into our work in some way or another. It makes it fun and more interesting for you as the client and makes for more diverse end results in your wedding photography!

Contact us to discuss your perfect style of photography for the most magical day of your lives!