Let’s chat about photographing a bridal party. We’re asked how we work with large groups, how long it takes, and how to be creative in a time constraint. We should mention that no wedding unfolds the same way, so what we’re about to share is a cumulative approach.

The main thing to keep in mind is to stay organised, always smile, and use a strong voice. The minute the bridal party is gathered, we’re in overdrive, generally because they are too! In a short amount of time, we aim to capture three styles of moments with the bridal party:


This usually happens as the bridal party is walking to the designated area for photos. Everyone is relaxed and laughing…best yet, they’re not expecting to be photographed, which gives fun, fresh, and lively photos. As the bridal party is walking, we don’t talk too much, if at all. If we orchestrate the moment, it feels fake or appears staged, so letting clients simply be with their friends is the best advice I can give for these moments.


This is usually the most time consuming of bridal party photos, so creating a system/flow my mind for organising the group is most helpful. It’s important to remember the running order of a wedding day and time is precious, so being able to direct a group people in order to get the best photographs for them is so important. Trust us, they’ll thank you later for being so organised.


These are, hands down, our favourite photos during bridal party photos…We arrive early on the wedding day to map out where the photos will take place and know how we’ll pose them in advance. This saves an incredible amount of time and eliminates stress. And the results are fantastic, very natural. Individual candids are often the star of the show!