Sometimes we think we’ve been asked every possible type of question there could be, and then someone will come up with something we’ve never been asked before! And then there are questions which are asked every time someone contacts us – are you available on this date – being our favourite!

Nothing replaces getting in touch to discuss your plans for your special occasion, such as your wedding, your requirements, what you’re looking for. We place a lot of importance on getting to know your Photographer and being comfortable and happy that you’re on the same wavelength. But in case we’re not quite at that stage in our relationship yet, this hopefully will help answer some of the more frequently asked questions (and some others) to give you a flavour of what we’re all about. And if you don’t see your question answered below, of course, please contact us (link ‘contact us’).

First off:
The numero uno question we receive: How much do you charge? Well we’re happy to tell you that our very simple pricing structure can be found the pricing page of our website, along with what is included. You’re welcome!

Do you offer wedding albums? Yes, we do. This is something we can discuss in depth if its something that is important to you.

What equipment do you use? We use and a variety of lenses. The lenses we use cover all eventualities, but we use Red Cinema Digital and Blackmagic, predominately.
Are you insured? Yes, it’s really important for Photographers to be insured. We’re covered for public liability and professional indemnity.
How do you determine your price, isn’t it just taking photos? It would seem that way I guess, but here’s how it works. So yes, our services include attending your wedding from bridal preparations through to the first dance and beyond. After then, we’ll review all of the photographs and start a culling process to keep just the best ones. Then, we edit. This may include retouching, colour corrections or similar. This takes several hours and can last several days. Once the images have been finalised, they are uploaded to a secure online gallery and then given to you on a USB. So although you’ll see us taking photographs on the day of your wedding, that is only the start of a complex process of producing wedding photographs.
How many photographs will we get? At a wedding which may last around 8-10 hours, we’ll take anywhere around 1500 images and from there we will whittle them down to the best final images, and can be anywhere up to 800 photographs. As always, the number of final images you receive will differ but be assured, the usual response is “there are too many photographs to choose from!” as opposed to “where are all the photos?”
Can I give you a list of photos to take? You can yes, but if you follow our style of photography you’ll already know that we thrive on the natural, candid shots which are unexpected. By all means, if you have a list then absolutely share that with us but please do trust us to get in all the right shots on your big day.