You’re probably on the hunt to find the best person to document your wedding day, but we’d love to take a minute and let you know how we’d make your experience better. Generally speaking, wedding photographers are in the business of love. There’s something unparalleled and appealing about documenting the union of two amazing people, and it’s an honour that us photographers don’t take lightly. To enhance your experience and ensure wedding planning fares smoothly, here are a few tips to ensure your we’d have everything we need to capture your special day.

A Little Research Goes a Long Way

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, resist the temptation to simply book the photographer your cousin used at her wedding or choosing from preferred vendors from a generic list. While easy, you run the risk of hiring a person whose style might not be what you want. Take the time to find a photographer who not just fits in your budget, but also embodies your aesthetic vision.

Communicate, Don’t Procrastinate

Take the time to drop your wedding photographer an email outlining the progress of events before the timeline is finalised. Sharing special details, decor designs and asking for feedback regarding the layout of the day is worth its weight in gold. Don’t hesitate to be proactive with your questions to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Timeline : The Earlier, The Better

Feel free to ask us how long we will need for photos and together we can draft a timeline that balances the portraits and the partying.

The Most Valuable Asset is TRUST

As idyllic as every photo you’ve pinned in Pinterest appears, the key is to trust that we, as your wedding photographer will document your wedding day in the most flattering way. Sure you might have seen pose or angle, but give us the this that freedom to create unique moments of your day and you will not be disappointed. The more you release the idea of predetermined photographs, the more your photos look and feel entirely your own.

Let It Go

It’s important to realise that things will go wrong on a wedding day. They always do. The wedding car is late, the flower girl lost her right shoe, the florist ordered pink peonies instead of white, the best man got stuck in traffic. You can choose to let these things ruin your day (and your photos…brides who are angry look angry in their photographs, even if they’re trying to smile), or you can choose to believe the wedding will ultimately end well.

Because wedding days always do if you let them.